Are you maximizing your health and well being?

Find out at Jungle MVMT’s upcoming Nutrition Workshops on Saturday September 7th and 14th. We’ll take you through the facts and remove any confusions and misconceptions you have about food. 

These Nutrition Workshops are designed to help you maximize your health and achieve your fitness goals. This interactive workshop will fill you with confidence and help you stay consistent with your eating habits. 

The workshop is open to all members, however, Class Members can sign up at the discounted rate.

Nutrition Workshops:

7th September: Nutritional solutions for the novice.
14th September: Next Level - Advanced Health and Performance. 

So, which one is for you?

 Nutritional Solutions for Newbies - September 7th

  • You're looking to lose some extra body fat.

  • You need help developing structure and making better food habits.

  • You want to know the truths vs. misconceptions.

  • You need help addressing self-sabotage and bad habits.

  • You want tools and strategies for how to speed up your metabolism for optimal results.

Next Level - Advanced Health and Performance - September 14th

  • You're already eating a whole food diet.

  • You need help setting specific nutrient targets for yourself.

  • You want to know how to use food for fuel and increase your performance.

  • You want to improve your body composition by learning how to maximize the benefits of proper nutrition.


DURATION: 1.5 hours

COST: $40 (Class Members $20)

Please select the workshop you are attending.