Cancellation registration

This cancellation procedure is the one explained in your original agreement.

  • You will be responsible for paying your membership dues during your cancellation period.

  • Jungle MVMT Membership Agreements have a 30-day cancellation period.

  • You may use Jungle MVMT during your cancellation period.

  • After signing this form and before your cancellation period ends, you may restore your membership (stop your cancellation) by providing a written request in email form.

  • You may join Jungle MVMT again at anytime, however, you will be eligible for the existing membership rates and initiation fees at that time (Jungle MVMT incrementally increases membership dues and initiation fees every year so we cannot guarantee you’ll pay the current membership rate in the future).

Before completing this form, be sure your membership terms are fulfilled and your account is current. This cancellation notice is not valid until approved by the contract administrator and is subject to contract terms. All membership fortnightly fees must be paid until the final cancellation date (30-days from the date of notice given), any overdues at the time of cancellation may be subject to collection via associated debt collection company.

This is the date from which you would like to start your 30-days notice period.
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