Two HUGE lat pulldown mistakes! 😫


The BIGGEST mistake we see is starting the exercise by swinging backwards to build momentum and barely using the correct muscles. ✋ You need to keep an upright, proud posture by keeping your chest up, pulling your shoulders back, and bracing your core. This provides a stable platform which allows the lat (latissimus dorsi) muscles to do the majority of the work in the correct range of motion. 👍

The next biggest mistake is shrugging the shoulders as you try to bring your hands as far down as possible and crunching forward. Instead, your shoulder blades need to stay down and together, elbows out to the sides of the body, forearms vertical, and hands stopping somewhere just above or at your shoulder height 👏

A big reason we see these problems is not knowing what it should feel like to pull with the lats. If you need more guidance how to perform this exercise correctly we offer FREE 7-Day Trials at Jungle MVMT and are happy to help! 😁

Start out with a weight which allows you to perform 3 sets of 10-15 reps with perfect form. You can then start to add more weight as you adapt to the movement.