One thing you’ll always hear in the gym is the classic “I don’t have time to workout, I’m so busy all the time”. Well, if you’re that pressed for time here’s my top tips to MAKE TIME. Even if you start with just one of these you will feel less stressed and your body will thank you!

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  • Stop cooking at home every night and meal prep in advance.

    This can free up a lot of time, setting yourself up for the week ahead so you can succeed. This can be as easy as cooking enough one night to have left-overs the next night or spending an hour or two cooking and freezing enough meals to cover dinners throughout the whole week. The added benefit of this is it also saves money and stops you Uber Eats-ing tempting unhealthy fast foods.

  • Utilise your time in the gym as effectively as possible.

    The best way to achieve this is to ditch your phone in your gym bag so you’re not tempted to text or use social media between sets. If you really want to talk to your friend while you train, bring them along too!

  • Pick high intensity interval, circuit, or Tabata style workouts.

    These pump your heart rate up and get the job done faster than some traditional training methods so are perfect if you need to get in and out.

  • Decide what’s more important to you, watching Netflix every night or getting fit and healthy?

    Swap your Netflix subscription for Spotify and pump some tunes while you train instead of vegging out like a couch potato. This has been found to make you work harder while also distracting you to make it seem easier!

Whenever you’re pressed for time you should aim to hit these big main muscle groups with compound exercises (exercises that use multiple joints and muscles at once - sorry no bicep curls here!). Other good options are things like jumping jacks, burpees, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, barbell push-presses… the list is virtually endless! To get you started, here’s a quick circuit style workout designed to hit the legs, chest, back, and core.

Make sure you're using proper technique for all exercises (you can check our push-ups guide here and lat pulldown guide here), and keep moving the whole time until you hit the scheduled rest period. For a quick demo of each exercise see the included video or just ask in the gym! Let us know what you think and if you want more workouts like this.


The workout is:

Elliptical machine, 5 mins, level 6+

3 rounds of:
Kettlebell goblet squats, x 12 reps
Push-ups, x 10 reps
Walking lunges, x 20 reps
Lat pull-down, x 12 reps
Bicycle crunches, x 30 reps
Rest 60 seconds

Exercise bike, 5 mins, level 8+