Pec fly pointers! 🦅


The pec fly is a great exercise to incorporate into your chest training to develop shape, definition, and muscular endurance. Unfortunately it joins the list of exercises we commonly see done with poor technique which can lead to pain in the front of the shoulder, over-activation of the traps, or straining the neck due to poking the head forward. To try and help out with this, here are a few quick pointers to remind you how to position yourself during the pec fly:

  1. Keep your upper back supported with your shoulder blades down and together, don’t let yourself lean forward and strain your neck and traps 😟

  2. Position elbows and hands slightly below your shoulder height, they can easily creep higher if you’re not following the first tip which puts undue pressure on the front of the shoulder! 🙅

  3. Elbows should only have a slight bend the whole way through, too often we see arms folding in which reduces control, muscle activation in the pec, and range of motion.

If you’re struggling with these tips, lower the weight until you can control the movement correctly and remember we offer FREE 7-Day Trials if you’re looking to get started training in an awesome gym with professional advice from qualified trainers 👍😁

Try a weight which allows you to complete 3 sets of 15 reps using the technique shown above before adding more weight. I like doing slightly higher reps with flys as they aren’t as powerful a movement as the press, and find I get a better pump as a result during hypertrophy training.

*Note: some of these tips are specific to this particular pec fly machine and may change slightly depending on your setup. If you have questions about a different machine or form of the exercise let us know and we’ll be happy to help.