One of the most common things we see in gyms is people coming in, doing the same workout - day in, day out - and not really getting anywhere with their results.  If your routine has become stale and boring, where you find yourself doing the same things each time, you need to mix up your routine. Adding variety to your training has been found to increase enjoyment while also helping to keep you focused, committed, and engaged.

Here's a quick high intensity workout you can use to replace one of your workouts during the week to challenge your body and really get you moving. This workout focuses on moderate to high intensity cardio interval training mixed with some resistance exercises to help increase your fitness and daily calorie burn, while adding definition to your legs, arms, and abs. How good is that?! For a quick demo of each exercise see the video or ask in the gym! Let us know the times you guys get for your wall sits and you can use these to monitor your improvement.

The workout is:

Elliptical machine x 10 minutes, set to 'Easy Intervals' on level 5

3 rounds of:
Rowing machine sprints x 200 meters
Kettlebell front squats (one kettlebell if needed) x 10 reps
Rest 30 seconds

3 rounds of:
Skipping rope or Star jumps x 60 seconds
Push-ups (incline if needed) x 10 reps
Mountain climbers x 20 reps
Rest 30 seconds

3 rounds of:
Burpees x 10 reps or Jumping lunges x 20 reps
TRX rows x 10 rep
Boxing bag leg kicks x 10 each side
Rest 30 seconds

Wall sit x Max time!
Incline treadmill walk x 10 minutes, 5.5kmph @ 8% incline